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How to Install Elastic Stack on CentOS 7

In this tutorial, I will show you how to install and configure Elastic Stack on a CentOS 7 server for monitoring server logs. Then I'll show you how to install 'Elastic beats' on a CentOS 7 and a Ubuntu 16 client operating system.

A beginner's guide to comparing files using visual diff/merge tool Meld on Linux

Now that we've covered some command line-based diff/merge tools in Linux, it'd be logical to explain some visual diff/merge tools available for the OS as well. Reason being, not everybody is used-to the command line, and/or command-line based comparison tools could be more difficult to learn and und ...

Linux command line navigation tips: the basics of pushd and popd commands

In this article, we will be discussing how you can have a faster navigation experience on the Linux command line using the pushd and popd commands.

How to Install WordPress with HHVM and Nginx on CentOS 7

In this tutorial, I will show you how to install WordPress with HHVM and Nginx as web server and how to configure SELinux for WordPress. I will use CentOS 7 as the operating system. HHVM (HipHop Virtual Machine) is an open source virtual machine for executing programs written in PHP and Hack languag ...

How to debug C programs in Linux using gdb

If you are a C/C++ programmer or develop software using the Fortran and Modula-2 programming languages, you'll be glad to know there exists an excellent debugger - dubbed GDB - that lets you easily debug your code for bugs and other problems. In this article, we will discuss the basics of GDB, inclu ...

How to install a Ceph Storage Cluster on Ubuntu 16.04

In this tutorial, I will guide you to install and build a Ceph cluster on Ubuntu 16.04 server. Ceph is an open source storage platform, it provides high performance, reliability, and scalability. It's a free distributed storage system that provides an interface for object, block, and file-level stor ...

How to Install Nextcloud with Nginx and PHP7-FPM on CentOS 7

In this tutorial, I will show you how to install and configure the latest Nextcloud 10 release on a CentOS 7 server. I will run Nextcloud with a Nginx web server and PHP7-FPM and use MariaDB as the database system.

Linux command line navigation tips and tricks - part 1

If you've just started using the command line in Linux, then it's worth knowing that it is one of the most powerful and useful features of the OS. The learning curve may or may not be steep depending on how deep you want to dive into the topic. However, there are some Linux command line tips/tricks ...

Monitoring of a Ceph Cluster with Ceph-dash on CentOS 7

Ceph-dash is is a WSGI application based on the Flask framework for monitoring of Ceph clusters. In this tutorial, I will show you to install Ceph-dash and configure it to run under an apache web server with SSL and mod_auth support.

How to record a region of your desktop as animated GIF on Linux

This tutorial shows how to record a region of your screen or a program window and store it as an animated gif. Those in technical spheres usually use animated gifs to quickly describe how a problem or an error gets triggered. It's also a useful way of explaining how a particular feature in a softwar ...