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David’s experience as conversation assistant

2021 was my first year at IES San Clemente, and what an interesting year it has been! Between COVID-19 restrictions, my first-year teaching adults at a learning center, and having to teach online, there was certainly a learning curve to be felt. Luckily, everyone that I have worked with has been incredibly friendly and helpful.

Coming from teaching pre-school and primary, I found myself going from constantly trying to manage and entertain my students to having meaningful conversation on politics, technology, and postulating on the future of the world with my students at IES San Clemente. Of course, the students at the center are varied in personality and ability just like any other school, and some were much harder to get engaged in speaking but over all I had multiple groups of students that were interested not only in English but in our weekly debates and conversations.

Being a veteran Aux I went in with planned speaking, writing, and listening activities as well as games to get the students excited about the material. I was happy to have as much freedom as I had working with my wonderful co-teachers. I must however specifically mention Ana Staton, whom I learned so much about the English language from.

Overall, I really enjoyed working at the center this year and apart from teaching English, I´m also happy to have had the opportunity to learn from great teachers and expand my knowledge on technology.