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Video Contest “Farewell to Maggie”

Our panel of judges formed by Bilingual Section teachers (Eva, Miguel, Maggie & Raquel) deliberated and decided:


First prize: 150 € goes to

  Manuel Bouzas Mosquera (1º DAM)

  Sara Lago Bouzas (1º DAM)

  Rubén López Mera (1º DAM)

  Paula Paz Villar (1º DAM)

  Ver vídeo

Second prize: 100 € goes to

Rebeca Rodiño Jabois (1º DAM)

Ver vídeo

Third prize: (50 €) goes to

Marcos Chamosa Rodríguez (1º DAM)

Ver vídeo

The awards will be presented during the Closing Ceremony of the Academic year at the IES San Clemente by the end of June.